24 August 2008

Hour of no Power

I was going to write about my preceptorship episode, right after I came back from
the anatomy lab practical, but in that short break where I went to my apartment
for food just before the practical started, I realized I had no electricity.

So I went to the office and talked to the manager and she asked me if I had been
paying my bills, with that look on her face like I was the type that skimped on
paying bills. (lame.)

My reaction - what bills? I hadn't gotten one. (I thought it was weird that they
had told me the apartment would bill us for electricity.)

Apparently, I'm supposed to get my own provider. So I called
TXU/Dynawatt/Amigo energy (lol) and they said the earliest they could do
it was on Monday, and that too for $40. (lamer.)

I've transported some of my food out, but no doubt some of the rest will
probably spoil. Oh well. The worst thing is - no internet! Sigh.

Also, no air-conditioning, but I have feeling my apartment stays relatively
cool because the units above and below me run theirs' like crazy.

Yeah, it was still pretty hot. Last night, I slept en nu* and it was surprisingly
comfortable! Now there's a sight you wouldn't forget.

I woke up, struck the buddha pose:

... and felt like a male model.


lol. I should be getting my power back on Monday or Tuesday. Preceptorship
episode to come later.

*: Totally butt nekked.

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