07 August 2008

My Lenovo Adventure

So. Tuesday morning. I throw my Lenovo into my backpack and throw a CD in there as well. Except the CD wedges itself between the screen and the keyboard and knocks off the F2 key.

Pictures of the knocked out F2 key. Very disappointing to look at. 

Here is a side angle shot:

So 20 minutes into class, I log onto the Lenovo support system, submit a warranty request ("my F2 key has fallen off") for a new F2 key. Literally 4 minutes later, I get a voicemail saying that the replacement part is being shipped out. 

Wednesday (today), I pick up a package. 

Why is the box with the replacement part so big?

Because it has a brand new full-size keyboard inside! (complete with very thorough installation instructions). 

Took about 7 minutes to install. 

5 screws in and out
A full-size keyboard exchanged
Awesomeness reborn.


While it's great that Lenovo has such great service, this was more of a public service announcement toward mentally crippled laptop buyers to convince them to get the longest warranty period they can afford. 

I love my Thinkpad. 

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