19 August 2008

Ralph Feigin


You know, I didn't know him personally, but I saw the procession today, and I can see TCH from my window - I can feel its energy everytime I look outside my window and I know Feigin had a big part in making TCH the fantastic world renowned hospital it is today.

We were told today that one of us might be the next Feigin. I hope so. I am quite envious of those who were able to meet him. Baylor and Texas Children's have a large shoes to fill.

As a tribute, I will attach this to the post - Feigin's rules.
  1. It's the people that make the difference.
  2. Do what's right for the patient. We'll do the paperwork later.
  3. Be diligent.
  4. Live with the spirit of inquiry and innovation. Come to a discussion with the concept that we can do something better tomorrow than what we are doing today.
  5. Live with the spirit of generosity.
It's always sad when the good doctor passes away.


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