17 January 2010

s---! f---!

2 weeks of ob/gyn are over (out of 8). This week, I just finished up with Ob-clinic, which ran from 830am to 1230pm (lame, I know). Most of the patients were just checkups.

Just go in there and ask them 4 questions, do 2 measurements, and that's mostly it.
1. Are you having contractions?
2. Are you bleeding anywhere?
3. Are you leaking any fluid?
4. Are you able to feel the baby move?
5. [Fundal height measurement]
6. [FHR measurement]

Pretty standard. There was one patient who had a fetus with multiple malformations but it was too late for her to have an abortion (so essentially, the fetus was dying inside the womb). They didn't let me go in (nor the R1). Nothing like L&D, where I felt I was doing something all the time.

You know what is fun though, is preceptor, which is nothing like PPS preceptor. PPS ruined the word "preceptor" for everyone at BCM. However, in Ob-preceptor, I get to do almost everything.

I remember once I was doing a pap smear, and everything was going just fine until I noticed a bit of bleeding.

My preceptor, let's call her TNML (as per her initials with a cypher) didn't say anything, except, "Oh, there's a little bit of blood."

So there I was, some woman in stirrups right in front of me, legs wide open, with a little bit of spotting coming out of the vault.** Still, a little bit of bleeding is to be expected. 

Then again, this was before I put in the wire brush to get an endocervical sampling. Of course, that thing came out covered with a deep red layer of blood, as if I had dipped it into a paint bucket. When I saw that bloody brush come out, I had the biggest bug eyes ever on my face and my eyes turned into the size of dinner plates.***

I felt like I was destroying that poor woman on the inside. I watched the nurse with an expressionless face put the bloody brush in the solution, inking it to a pink tinge. F.M.L.

I was told by TNML later that some spotting was normal, and that patient was excessively sensitive. Did I just start this story out by saying "preceptor was fun"? It is. The learning experience is fun.

Also, I'm starting to see my patients everywhere. What kind of a conversation are you supposed to have with them? (keep in mind, I'm on ob/gyn).
Also, it still sucks being a female.

*: Inner monologue will be in italics, centered.
**: "Vault", haha. It starts with a V, too!
***: I've had bigger bug eyes, like that one time post-placental delivery, a massive 200ml blood clot plopped out of a lady's... vault. Not only did I get massive bug eyes, but I also froze. The resident quickly intervened - "don't worry, that's normal"

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