29 January 2010

Never eat chinese food before surgery.

Life lesson. Trust me. Especially when you know all that greasy business is going to give you some pretty strong gastro-colic reflex. Sure, it feels awesome in the 5-10 minutes after you eat it and you feel like you're going to slip into a food coma, but don't.

Says my resident:

"We're going to be taking her to pre-op in less than an hour, be back then, ok?"

And I think, Oh God, what have I done to myself. I could go into all sorts of detail, but I'll summarize: FML. I got lucky and they realized my patient got hungry too and ate at 3PM, so they pushed the C-section to 11pm instead of 9pm. Quick! Drink lots of water!*

This is not the emergency c/s I was watching yesterday. I would post details about that, but they're sort of rare so I'll wait for a few weeks to pass until divulging. Half of the Ob/Gyn clerkship is over. Gyn better be just as fun as Ob. Although, I will say, it's not all fun and games. There are definitely a few difficult people. More on that later, too.

*: Cure.

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