10 January 2010

Ob/Gyn more like OMGyn

How has it already been 9 days into the new year? Damn time flies by fast. I should probably give a day in the life of:

5am - Arrive at BTGH
5am to 630am - See patients.
645am to 7:20am - Round with resident team
730am - Board signout (shift change)
~750am - 6pm - C-sections, deliveries, filling in charts, seeing patients
630pm - shift change
630pm to 8pm - fill out paperwork, discharge patients

1. When I entered the room, one lady thought I was the nurse, hanging up the phone saying "oh sorry I have to go, my nurse is here..." She was a cute middle aged lady though. Great laugh. She told me I took my time with her and that she liked that. I walked out and my attending told me to speed up my histories, "make them under 10 minutes."

2. When finishing my afternoon clinic duties one day, I saw all my patients leaving at more/less the same time. Is it ok to be in an elevator with 10 patients, all of whom you've seen their hoohoos? No. I waited and chatted on my phone.

3. Saw a girl (21 y/o) with her 6th pregnancy about to go eclamptic on everyone. The attending (R.T.I.) had to intervene. It was glorious.

4. Saw a resident (R1) and heard about a member on my team being chewed out by upper-levels. Lame.

5. Had an Iranian woman tell her husband in Persian that my leopold maneuvers made her feel comfortable. I'm sure past the rugged exterior, there were a few dilated capillaries.

6. Got a short lecture on alloimmunization from a MFM attending. It was awesome. I could see myself doing MFM.

I've also been working on the "taking care of myself".

Cart full of food. And Armor-All.

The universe conspires against me on this whole scarf issue. I haven't been able to get one for years. I've told almost everyone I've wanted a scarf for years. Look at this atrocious situation. Absolutely ridiculous. Every other clothing item bin was totally full.

Left - things I have to do and things I have to buy
Right - Things I can throw in my bag extremely quickly in the morning that will serve as mini-meals for the rest of the day. Circles mean I need tupperware. Sandwich bag means, well, sandwich. The less thinking you have to do in the morning, the better.

Eat when you can, sleep when you can. Even in the middle of lecture.

After a week of ob/gyn, I now feel it's absolutely horrible to be female. So many problems. It sucks immensely. If you could help me out and leave a comment about a specific advantage to being a girl, that'd be great. kthx

I'm going to get back to kicking ass and taking names.

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