17 January 2006

Back at UT.

hmm... back at UT.

Absolutely nothing is going on... but I do have a story.

I wanted to get into a bio class (BIO101C) seminar BUT it's restricted to biology, BME, and biochemistry majors. So, [being a physics major], I went to the professor to ask him to let me in, and he said "ok. Only if you ask many questions, etc etc."

Then I said "Ok. I'll ask questions." [??] Then I went to the biology office to see if they'll let me in, and the fag secretary said no. If you see anyone with the name Samuel R.0.s.s, just shoot him.

I hate him. After attempting to fight with him for 5 minutes, I left. I came back around lunch time when he was on break, and another advisor added me to the class.

Today's Lesson?
Samuel R0ss is a douchebag. After I got into the class, I wanted to back and pimpslap that fool so hard, he'd go back to the hippie land whence he came from.

Here's a picture of a pimpslapping (something I would like to do to him).

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