22 January 2006


I'm thinking about getting some stuff..

speakers... food. all sorts of things.

After a while, this 'college food' thing kind of gets old. I walked into JCL today, and walked around for a couple of minutes.

It wasn't one of those "its hard to pick among the awesome food". It was "which one of these poisons will hurt the least". haha. Probably one of the reasons my food intake has been limited to coffee and doughnuts.

Somehow, coffee never gets old.

Now.. for the meat. Today, I will talk about slow people. Slow people piss me off. Walk faster, bitches. Sometimes, the hallways get a little bit too crowded, MOVE YOUR ASS. I have things to do.

You know another thing? People that walk in zigzags or other incomprehensible patterns. Good god. It's so hard not to bump into these people. I have an idea. How about everyone walk in a straight line and not like a bunch of tards?

And finally, a note on ugly girls. You'd think that after millions years of evolution, ugly genes would go away, (after all, who wants them?). But NO!. All the ugly girls congregate!

Here is a typical conversation:

Ugly Girl 1: Omg you're so cute!

That's pretty much it. But wait? That was two lines.

Yes, my friends. They often talk in circles. Note how she mentions the handbag. It's almost as if Ugly Girl #1 designed it. Here's a clue: BUYING A HANDBAG WITH MONEY YOU PROBABLY DID NOT EARN DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOLER.

And so the cycle continues. All the ugly girls think they're good looking because their ugly friends say so.

Seriously.. someone needs to get hurt. Ok enough animosity. I'm ok.[not mad or anything.. just.. telling the truth]

That's my rant. I hope no one hates me now.

I was going to post a picture of an ugly girl, but ... I think every one knows one. Instead, I'll post a picture of a good looking one.

Haha.. good night.

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