04 January 2006

Some interesting things

I had lunch with some people and I came across an interesting analogy. People in college are like caterpillars.. you have to have some 'alone time' in the cocoon otherwise, there won't be enough time to morph into a butterfly.

It's a little sappy, but hey. It makes sense.

I'm currently a "Senior" at UT (after 1.5 years). Isn't that kickass?

My cell phone provider is changing from Cingular to T-Mobile. I'm about to lose 5600 anytime minutes. Sucks. Ah well. At least now I know some cheapasses who might actually call because mobile-to-mobile is free.

I still like Cingular better. I think there is a tacit agreement to burn down some T-Mobile towers if the reception is not good.

Shadowing starts next week. Then School starts the week after. This vacation has gone by quickly, but for those who are wondering, I have made some new years resolutions...

1. Refinement.

Yes. I'm going to refine myself. Less cursing, more ... quietness, less talking, more listening, more observing, etc, etc.

That's it. One resolution. We'll see how that turns out. I want everyone to leave comments on how I can refine myself. (remove all character flaws).

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