26 January 2006

coffee + uneven ground + cute girl = bad stuff.

yes. I was happily drinking my coffee when fate brings me... oh wait. I think you should know about this one girl.

haha. There's this girl I see every once in a while. And she's really cute. After I see her, I get really happy. Like really happy. hahaha. :D Some people besides me know who she is. [and if you spill it, I will kill you.]


Anyway. continuing on. I was drinking my coffee, and fate brings her in front of me and I just keep tipping the cup to take a drink, and I spilled it on myself. hahaha.

see, USUALLY I CAN CONTROL MYSELF. I bet a lot of you are going make puns about how I "wet myself". Go screw yourself.

Anyway, that's my story. One of my shirts smells like coffee now. hahaha.

But anyway. As for why I let this remain at a juvenile crush.. hmm. I have no idea.

Actually I know very well why. I'm not about to break any ideologies. She's cute. That's all. No harm done. Plus, there is no point in starting something that will end. [yes. even death counts as an ending... isn't that the scientist's way?]

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rob said...

omfg, jonathan is dead AND she doesn't know? im just pissed