14 February 2007


I have to tell this story, but I can't be incriminating at the same time. So I wrote it, and then replaced ______ with ______.

After Quantum II (of which.. I sadly understood very little of..) I saw Theresa outside where she called me a f***ing a**hole for not making an appearance everyday to her. Normally people would be offended, but it just wouldn't be the same otherwise.

Afterwards, I walk towards Jester, calling _____ asking if he wants to go eat at J2. Just as I pass Gregory, a number of apartment realtors were having this fair with free pizza and water and Smarties (of which.. I took many).

One of the tables had three iPods sitting there. Presumably, if you signed the lease then and there, they gave you one as free gift*. Personally, I'd like a free month of rent rather than a shuffle. In any case, being the proverbial ____ that he is, _____ starts eyeing the shuffles and inches over to grab one. Finally, he grabs one, looks at it and silently slides it into his coat pocket and walks away. I was watching the entire event, but surprisingly no one else picked up on it. He mentioned to me to grab one and I inched my way over when I realized - wtf Why would they give shuffles away for free?** _____ had committed theft.

What else did I see? Another Asian girl (presumably Viet.) grabbed another one. You really have to be the saddest, most pathetic people in the world to resort to theft to get something like that. In any case, I made my way back to Jester where the perpretrator was waiting. I suppose those that read this know me well enough to guess what happened.

It's not like the realtor representatives would chew you out. At most you might get a couple of words of admonishment. The price is small to pay.

Some would say- Why not just let him live with it? [-1] applicant right? Then I wouldn't fulfilling my code of honor by keeping quiet.

As for the other girl that took it, I never found her, but I would have said something. Also, I wasn't completely sure who she was. I'm not angry that people behave like this. In fact, I expect them to, for the most part. I feel sorry that any shortcomings she felt she had is only going to be magnified. There are few solutions to regret.

At least I can sleep better at night***.

*: I hadn't realized this at the time.
**: Strong intervention from #2
***: after May 31.

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piotrrcola said...

_____ = Jonny. For future reference.