06 February 2007

Time passes quickly

So I started watching this movie (I know, I shouldn't) and .. the British are weird, although I'm not one to talk about weirdness. Throughout the last couple of days, I've been thinking about various things to chatter about on this online diary, so here goes.

1) This "You got Beef" music video purported to increase Vietnamese nationalism worldwide (or at least in some ghetto part of Canada). What's up with that thing. They're 'gangsters' yet they drive.. oh.. a Dodge Neon. Is that how you portray Asian* gangsters? Please. Leave being gangster up to Yakuza or the Hong Kong underground.

Also, they look pretty ridiculous in that music video. Sending 30 viets to take out 2 black guys? Inefficient. Of course, no criticism is warranted without suggestions, so here I go:

a) Better looking girls with more 'gangster' looking clothes, not something from the a GAP sale.
b) Older looking girls**, because you shouldn't be waving guns around those pre-teens.
c) Better cars. Ditch the Neon! How many rap videos have you seen with people "rapping" in front of a Dodge? (Zero.) Here's a suggestion: At least get a Benz.
d) Stop rapping and get me a coffee.

I recently came across an interview that the main rapper gave :

Open peoples eyes in this area I guess, us Vietnamese people have always been here and will always be. At a time when we were at war with the black folks here it was just an anthem type of song to make em relize we aint no chumps. Now its all cool, everyone is fam so the song itself was just made for that purpose now I guess its just another "asian pride" song.

Well.. You guys are still chumps. And I'm sure naming yourself Chuckie really brings out the viet culture you so effectively emasculate.

The girl on the right of this frame from the video looks like she's 12. It gets more disturbing the more you watch it.

There was more. Left for later.

*: Some would not consider Vietnamese as Asian.
**: This may not be possible as they all look 12. Isn't that part of the charm though? (no...)

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