08 February 2007

What a treat!

(Ed. I thought I made the distinction clear by using MBB, but no, I don't do cancer research. I wish I did.)

You should be thankful. There's 75 minutes until a biochemistry exam and I'm blogging. Just for you.

In any case, there is much to be said about this class. I'm sure Yin is smart, but she is exceedingly disorganized. Her lectures make no sense without using the book as a guide and the large number of spelling/grammar mistakes is painful.

Also, I know this is almost never said about lectures, but the material is much more interesting than she makes it out to be. I mean, come on. Chymotrypsin is more interesting than 14 slides.

One thing I was thinking about this morning was the various "cancer races" that are happening. Whether its 'race for the cure' or 'stroll for the fatties', everyone seems to be extremely supportive of this. While this is generally good, the support is misplaced. They're not the ones curing cancer!. Countless times I've seen people talk to others and they're like "Oh you're running in that? That's nice" and the runner has this smug look on his face like "YEAH. I'm CURING CANCER".

... No you're not. Anyone* can wake up and run 3 miles and that doesn't mean you're curing cancer. Please stop deluding yourself. You may be "helping" to cure cancer, but then my family probably helps more than you do, so I don't see why the running is important. Again. I will give a solution to this problem.

If you really (and directly) want to cure cancer, I have some tips for you. Humanity's slaves live in MBB, and unfortunately for us EM-wave-blocking/absorbing-individuals-who-will-get-cancer, they're human as well and they have down times like lack of money and lack of cookies and lack of ice cream and lack of Rockstar.

Support your fellow cancer researcher! Bring them cookies often. I don't have to remind you that researchers love cookies. I love cookies! Sorry, that just came out. Well. Since it did, bring me some cookies too.

And not just only cookies. Bring them ROCKSTAR. They like the orange kind. Just leave boxes of Rockstar outside MBB. Give me one too. Try it! You'll be making the world a better place, instead of funneling 75% of donations to 'local' efforts, because you know, research is always done on the local level.


Weird things happen outside the Mallet library. Some hot girl just passed me and gave me this smile. I was like WHOA WTF PHEROMONES. But it turns out, I had seen her in DIT, just forgot about it.

I knew I should have quit that thing months ago.

*: Perhaps not in a place where obesity is the norm. Well I can't run 3 miles either and I'm far from obese.

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viv said...

i want a cookie as well. chewy chocolate chip.