15 March 2007

BDAY, Day 3, Day 4

Updates made (in blue)

Before you know it, "Spring Break" is over. People complained that I didn't go to the airsoft outing, making assertions that I wouldn't learn any camping skills, etc.

But you'd be mistaken! I just switched on the TV, and watched an episode of Man vs. Wild on Discovery. Yeah. I rock. In any case, I can extract honey from honey nest, how to traverse volcanic land, and how to survive a Costa Rican rainforest. I'm sure camping can teach all that in... 30 minutes. -_-

So I finished watching 2 episodes of this "Man vs. Wild" and I'm quite certain I'm ready to conquer the wild. BUT! There are some arrangements to be made. I'm assuming you've all seen Lost World. If you remember (and somewhat enjoyed) that movie, you know perfectly well what I'm talking about.

Yes. Solar-powered trailers + Mercedes SUVs. Not only solar powered, but has the 40,000 Volt protection gizmo. I need all of that. (I think a part of me cried when that trailer went over the cliff).

Although I wouldn't stop there. They did do it well (with sat. phones and GPS tracing), but I can do it better. What about emergency care? None of them were doctors. I demand a chopper standing by within 10 minute reach and vitals monitoring RF-ID tags. That way, I'll be completely secure, as I torrent anime off satellite internet in the wilderness, and every other consumer is wondering why their connection is so slow.

Some might say - Why even go out if you're going to sit in the trailer and torrent anime?. Because. Because I know that I can go out there and the chimps and bears will attack me. YES I HAVE THAT POWER. I choose not to use it. No campfires either. You are welcome to use my solar stove.

So what happened on the birthday? Nothing, really. I passed my 21st birthday without touching a drop of alcohol. I learned about cardiac functional syncytiums.

Anti-social? Nah. More like... lone wolf.

I didn't believe it at first, but eh. Funnay. Weapons of mass destruction are not my forte, anyway. I've also come down with some horrible headache. 12 cans of Mountain Dew later, I haven't had my dose of poison today, so the headache starts.

Ah the misery.

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