20 March 2007


Taken from : http://www.xkcd.com/c238.html

After biochem was over, I went to Hogg to get my picture taken for honors day, where their database was down, so I waited until they wrote my name. Apparently, I'm supposed to answer some questions for them, and they will display my picture on a huge screen for a bit with some biographical information.

Now that my soul is completely gone, I have to come up with some answers to questions I have yet to receive, answers that are modest but not stupid. Difficult eh.

Then I went back down and right before I turned into Patterson, some white guy stopped me and held out a book, wanting to give it to me. The book? The Gita. Surprising, no? Absolutely peculiar. I said, "No, I don't need that, sorry" and whisked my way into Patterson. Going up the elevator, the most peculiar feeling came over me.

Of all days, of all times, some random guy is handing me a copy of Hinduism's most holy book, that too, right outside Patterson. RIGHT OUTSIDE. I got this crazy idea that he was waiting for me and I had committed some sin by refusing to take it. Given the current precarious state of affairs, I don't have any room for sin*. Perhaps the feeling is difficult to materialize in others, but it was hardcover! So weird!

After a whole host of crazy ideas, I decided that if ラベリング-san wasn't in his office for a meeting, I'd go back outside and get a copy (no harm done). The guy was meandering around the general vicinity rather strangely, and I have a need to push for efficiency. Instantly, probabilistic topographic maps popped up, over laid on the general area. Finding him wasn't hard, so I got my copy. It got weirder.

Priest (as he called himself) - What's your major?**
Me: Nuclear physics
Priest: Ah. Do you know where the sun gets its energy?
Me: Fusion? [I just had a feeling it was the wrong answer...]
Priest: No. Water!
Me: Oh I see. I didn't know that.
Priest: Now tell me this, Mr. Physics major, are we heliocentric or geocentric.
Me: Heliocentric? [Again, that feeling...]
Priest: Geocentric, actually. It's amazing how much science comes from this!

Oh. I see. I didn't know that.

Man. Someone's got jokes.

*: Nor will I take that chance.
**: He had the markings of one, as well. Since he didn't ask me for money nor take any personal info, he probably was a true believer, which.. makes it even more stranger. An incarnate, perhaps?

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