12 March 2007

Day One

I failed to mention that today starts Spring Break.* I'm not sure that I actually have a break; I suppose watching Mythbusters on Discovery Channel counts, although I am easily saturated by their overbearing personalities.

So anyway, I decided, I need some pants. Yeah. Good luck there. 30x30? No. 40x29? Yes. Everyone is pushing the scales these days, so I have to have an optimum strategy to find pants -

1) Gather up all the 30x30s.
2) See which color looks least worst.

I happen to be kind of picky and pant styles are ... unpalatable. For example, the smoothest pants are usually made of something unnatural and will leave large amounts of static buildup. Shirts are another troublesome area. Why are there so many shirts with.. skateboards.. or.. VANS.. or... skulls on them? I had to wiki VANS to find out what it was. (Surprise, surprise! A skateboarding company!)

What happened to all the normal shirts? Exercise clothing looks better than the atrocities people wear these days. So I got one. See me around with it.

How troublesome. Fear not. There is good news:

For me, Austin is a scary place. Roaming in the streets at night, I constantly feel a need to wield my high powered flashlight, even when lamp posts are around.** Flick the lights off, and I may enter a panicked frenzy.

Approach me with viselike eyes, and I clutch the lightsaber even more strongly.***

Not so in Plano. I realized it when I stepped into my garage and the door suddenly closed behind me. I was heading for the light switch, but realized, I didn't need it. The enveloping jello of safety was already providing me a secure throne. This time, I enjoyed the darkness. Not because safety was a garage door away, but because it was already there.

In other words, Plano rox.

I hope you guys are enjoying the OS-tans to my right.

*: What the hell is a break, anyway?
**: Hippies, druggies, general people trying to rob me of various tangible and intangible things. ('I didn't need to see that!')
***: Ready to implement a 1) blind, 2) 'pop in the head', and 3) run strategy.

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