05 March 2007

Throw them hand up! I am a warrior!

My biochemistry book's got jokesss..

In general, as long as dietary carbohydrates and amino acids can meet the body's energy needs, stored fat will not be mobilized, even if the diet includes almost no fat. This feature of mammalian fuel metabolism is a source of misery for many dieters!

In summary, there is a biochemistry test tomorrow. We'll see how that goes, seeing as that her tests are mostly memorization. But my 24 hour goal remains to beat Lee, Lee and Hong on the test tomorrow. All three are avid memorizers. I will fail, somehwhat.

I've been keeping this inside for the most part, but it's time to let loose. See, BCH is interesting, except it's not taught as being as interesting as it is. Before, they used to scream at you to memorize Glycolysis or Citric Acid Cycle or Electron Transport Chain or Enzymatic function. Now, we actually get to find out what's going on.

Of course, the memorizers wail and lament at the influx of material they have to 'memorize'. If you just try to understand, most of it will make sense, unlike Quantum Mechanics. I sigh.

There is also a RadWaste test tomorrow, and I will forget about it until 11am tomorrow.

Mallett Library is a distracting place to work. Too many interesting human specimens roam the grounds.

Coming into the tutoring session I was extremely overwhelmed and stressed about the material, but my tutor calmed me down, and went through the material slowly and explained everything thoroughly. I left the session much calmer and confident about the material. I would recommend him to any of my friends and definitely plan on using him again in the future.

That was a comment left for me from tutoring. To be honest, I have no idea what happens during tutoring, or taking a test or whatever. I have this theory though. I must black out somehow, the council takes over and completes the task at hand. I wake up to turn in the test with a persisting feeling of performance anxiety.

Same with tutoring. Seriously? I just ramble. Ramble, ramble, ramble. Someone apparently makes sense out of these.

Please continue the rating, and stop putting anonymous please.



The title is not my lyric.

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