16 June 2007

Memory Dump

I do this periodically; a bunch of pictures off my phone have to come off and go somewhere, so why not here?


This guy cut in line when we were waiting to depart from the Greyhound station. The line was about ~30 people long, and he butted himself in 3 people from the beginning to get a good seat. Of course, everyone gave him the eye, but no worries on his part. Yeah. He got a good seat. 

At some DART light rail station. I realized I was on the wrong Northbound train (I jumped on anything going Northbound as I was in a hurry to get home). I thought I'd get off at one of the underground stations and see what it was like. So this is what underground Tokyo stations feel like, except, there's no one here, and I felt like I was going to get mugged. 

The other side of that station. I forget its name. Ed. Looks like Cityplace...

Hmm. The light rail looks kind of dirty in this picture, but it's pretty nice. It could be a little faster though. Also, I found out (harshly) that rush hour traffic can slow it down, especially in the downtown segments. Lame. 

Inside of apartment, lack of cleaning. 

The otherside of the living room. 

This seems like a pretty unremarkable picture, except if you look closely, the two cars seem very close. So close in fact, they touched. Yeah. The black and unbelievably good looking Hond Accord Coupe was parked there. Some guy in a red ford* parked there (of all places) and parked a little too closely. I heard this screech and took this picture. He came out, inspected the damage, and quickly got back into his car and drove off.

Sigh. It was a pretty bad scratch too. I was going to get the two license plate #'s, but this is Texas, I might get shot. 


*: Could be a mercury too. Oh well. Same domestic-make nightmare. 

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Nimisha said...

your phone takes REALLY good pictures. and your laundry basket looks exactly like mine.

just an observation.