19 June 2007

More Dumplings

I forgot that, during the Greyhound trip back to Plano, I recorded the obnoxious driver and his 10-minute rant on driving, weather, god, how Waxahachie is not a rest stop, among other things. I won't spoil it for you:

Rant 1

Rant 2

Moving on. What's with all this "man cave" business? I had to look this up, although I had somewhat of a vague idea. Some definitions here, here, and here. Is it necessary to reclaim space and have a power tool garage? Seriously? Don't you cavemen have better things to do with your time...

Is it necessary to build a living room with that many lay-z-boys and a big screen TV just to watch sports? SpikeTV took it a little too far and came up with "mandates", after which, I wanted to hurt myself.

Embarrassing. What the hell are hobbies anyway? All you need is a man-corner to live out your mantasy.*

As good a man-corner as any.

On another note:
Yeah. That's WORD 2007. Take what you will

*: Sorry. I just had to say it. That's what she said! ... Dammit


NM said...

Dude - I know what bus-rants are like. The other day, I boarded the IL bus, and heard a woman speaking out loud to other passengers. After a while, I realized she was just talking to herself - nobody was actually paying attention to her. She kept dissing Bush, and the fact that America wasn't a democracy anymore, how awful the government was to tap into citizens' phone lines and email inboxes etc., and the celebration she was looking forward to when Bush died.

piotrrcola said...

lol. She's probably right about the democracy/government/phone lines/email.

I'm not too sure about the celebration though...