13 June 2007

Unjustified Optimism

I've noticed that.. people tend to fill in the gaps of stories with good things, or good endings and what not. They even take relatively ambiguous phrases such as "happily ever after" and mold it into their own image, without ever noticing that Cinderella and the Prince, living "happily ever after" is as relative as "the three ugly step-sisters". Why believe everything you read anyway?

Take for example, the recent ending of the Sopranos on HBO. I'm not completely sure what all the opinions are, but I'm certain you don't want Tony Soprano to die at the hands of those quiet customers at the restaurant. No way!

It'd be better if he shot everyone in the restaurant and took his family into the countryside where he quit the mob business and lived happily ever after. Perhaps what was bugging so many people was that the ending didn't set up enough of a "gap" for "a happily ever after" scenario to be envisioned. Too many criminals at the bar, too many variables to deal with. It would have been better if the show ended with him driving up to some country-side home. But you would all regret that ending later on! Tony turns lame.

What a genius ending that was.

In any case, coming back to Cinderella and the Prince, I'm sure the class differences tore them apart, or Cinderella was a workaholic and died after trying to clean the Prince's mansion, or maybe her Mercedes rams into a pillar at a hundred miles an hour. Really? Lived Happily Forever? Unbelievable.

There was a point to this bitter post, but I seem to have forgotten. I'll let you fill in that gap.

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