02 June 2007


I've finally posted. No worries, the blog postings should become quite regular from now on.

Anyway, of course, through reading all these posts, you're supposed to be able to come up with a fairly good reading of how I operate.*

So. Airplanes. Sometimes I think I should have gone into Aerospace Engineering or something. I was watching this Maroon 5 music video, and I kept thinking to myself, Wtf is wrong with me? Why is this song so interesting?
[Of course, I assure you that Adam Levine's ill-placed pelvic thrusts have nothing to do with it...]**

Then I realized it - they have airplanes in the music video. Kickass! It even starts out with an airplane sequence.

Airports are such incredible places to be. They seem to be on the bleeding edge of man's domination over the skies; it's not just the technology that's most appealing but rather the tacit sense of human optimism embodied by air travel. Every once in a while, shit happens. For example: I found a particularly disgusting picture of an airplane the other day. What kind of an atrocity is this? I'm waiting for Airbus to release the A350 and then I will bask in its awesomeness.

Almost like something out of Star Trek***, at night-time, airports seem even more exhilarating to be around. The runway lights come on and it is truly a sight. Imagine that sea of lights stretching all around the airport. Yea!


Moving on to more pressing issues. I was reading Discover magazine, and an article titled "Science and Islam" where the author tours various Middle Eastern countries. Here's an interesting quote about the "2005"**** tsunami:

"God had expressed his wrath over the sins of the West [because] the lands that were hit had tolerated the immoral behavior of tourists".

Quick stats on the tsunami:

Country where
deaths occurred
Deaths Injured Missing Displaced
Confirmed Estimated1
Indonesia 130,736 167,736 37,063 500,000+
Sri Lanka2 35,322 35,322 21,411
India 12,405 18,045 5,640 647,599

Quick stats on Indonesia:

Religions: Muslim 86.1%, Protestant 5.7%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 1.8%, other or unspecified 3.4% (2000 census)

Yeah. I'll let you decide who's receiving the wrath.

*: I would reveal a lot more than I let out, but it's quite frightening.
**: Is it weird that I noticed?
***: Which, is awesome.
****: or 2004?

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