03 February 2008

Ahn Titch Em

That's the title of my post - it means "I like you" in Vietnamese, a line I was going to use on barrel-o-monkeys, but somehow it didn't work out. Don't worry. I'm perfectly fine. Better than fine, actually.

Anyway. I went to this Vietnamese culture festival. Originally I thought it was a semi-formal event, so I was feeling underdressed going there with just slacks and a dress shirt. Apparently, high schools in austin suck (surprise surprise! I hate this city.), so instead of theater seating, they had plastic chairs. Oh and I was overdressed. I swear I heard gunshots a couple of times. I even met one of my students there. Man, it's great to stand around and have people come up and be like HEY DON'T I KNOW YOU.

(I sometimes forget I have a new toy to help me in my online journalism.)

I have a criticism though. Traditional Vietnamese dresses look awesome (like almost all traditional Asian dresses) - cf. "Ao dai". Sometimes I wish this culture was celebrated more than the degrading 6th street bullshit VSA exemplifies.

Afterwards, I went to dinner with a friend and two other people who had been raised in the rough of Houston. As they recanted stories of blood and gore, I actually found myself strangely attracted to them. Nothing serious, of course, but I reasoned that I'd been around weak women for so long, it was refreshing to meet a pair of Amazonians.

I had become used to women being so needy and insecure with themselves that I've actually opened myself up to being vulnerable to the 'damsel in distress' type. I suppose that fits in nicely with the God Complex.

Pathetic, I know.


Nimisha said...

FINE = Freakishly Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional

But you know that.

Nimisha said...

It's actually 'freaked-out, insecure, neurotic, emotional'.

Is the blue sky the reason why most animals are not obese? One can argue that the blueness of the sky is not disappearing like the greenery around us.

Anonymous said...

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