24 February 2008


After a long post like last time, I'd rather not inundate the web with more text. How about some pictures! I had this post started a couple of days ago, BUT I couldn't get my pictures off my phone (Windows Server 2003), so now I'm back to XP, with pictures.

A few weeks ago I was driving to Plano with bad traffic, so I took a picture of the culprits.

In my last post, I discussed a seminar I attended? Picture from that event.

30ft from William Jefferson Clinton! (at Hillary for Texas headquarters)

Sometimes, I have "extravagant" breakfasts. Juice from frozen concentrate + scrambled eggs (1:10 in microwave), bread with mango jam, coffee and applesauce. Total prep time: ~4 minutes. How long did it take me to consume? ~6 minutes. 60% efficiency! (6/(6+4))

100% efficiency is impossible to attain. :'(

Picture of my work station. I (occasionally) do work.

Finally, two more pictures of the messy apartment. (Those are expired eggs below). My room is considerably cleaner.

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