04 February 2008

Rasterbator - piotrr style

I'm a man of many quirks. It was a Saturday afternoon, I mailed off my alignment and I was looking for things to do besides work on my subatomic homework or read for lit class or study for Monday's Japanese test.

That means I'm on digg.com, where I find this article. Blue reduces appetite. Maybe it's my subconscious anorexia, but I suddenly wanted a blue wallpaper (not only for my desktop, but a real blue wallpaper would be pretty cool too). I've also been looking for things to decorate my wall with, nothing artistic, just something stare at.

I thought about buying a blue poster, but $10 for something I'll probably just throw away at the end of the year seems like a waste. I need a rasterizing program - Rasterbator.

I also need a big picture, something reflective of myself, while also being cool. An open heart? Nah, too much red (not enough blue). How about oceans?

Perfect. I found an image of a space shuttle against a blue ocean, peppered with clouds, ready for my wall. Here I come ECE Labs! They'll probably hate me for this, but I've spooled almost a gigabyte of data into their color laser printer trying to get all 15 pages of my image out. My quota is down 150 pages, but I never use it all anyway, so meh.

Once the proctor went up and looked at one of the pages and shrugged his shoulders and went back to working, probably confused by the 8.5"x11" page full of clouds.

Note that one of the pages on the right side is pure blue.

I think I'm losing weight already.


Nimisha said...

Interesting. I'm surprised you didn't discuss the scientific reasoning behind that.

piotrrcola said...

So.. actually, that's a good point. I could just go outside, and look at the blue sky and get some exercise at the same time, but I'm lazy.

Anonymous said...

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