07 May 2008

Approaching those lasts...

In less than a week, I will be gone from this armpit-of-a-town, and I'm coming down to the last things I'll ever do here.

  1. Last time I'll charge my toothbrush (done)
  2. 2nd to last time I'll charge my iPhone (done)
  3. Last time I'll eat meat (done, unless I go out)
  4. Last time I'll be in an undergraduate class for credit (done)
  5. Last time I'll take a Japanese final (today)
  6. Last time I'll do laundry
  7. Last time I'll see some people (lab people that come in and out, etc)
  8. Last time I'll ever party in austin? (don't know about this one)
  9. One of the last few times I'll cross Dean Keeton*
  10. What else?
It's pretty awesome, except for I still have two finals and a take home physics test that's going to bring me down to a C in 362L.

End already. I wish to return Home to Plano.

*: I thought he was named after some Dean once.

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