10 May 2008

3 more hours of tests

2.5 hours left until the English final (of which, 40% I have done, since there is a take home essay due at the beginning of the final)

Prediction of grades this semester:

BIO377: A
BIO377W: A
JPN320L: B
E314V: B
PHY362L: C

What a shitty semester! Someone bring me cookies. (Seriously, I'm running out of food.)

I charged my iPhone for the "last" time. Next time I charge it, undergrad will be over. Next time I charge my laptop, I be done with English classes for the rest of my LYFE.*

But nothing compares to the awesomeness of being on my last charge cycle of my Thinkpad here, ever.


I'm down to the last final days here. The squirrels stare me down, half of them having recognized me and the crows inch closer when I have food. It's time to leave Wankthorpe behind. 

*: Set for lyfe!

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