09 May 2008


I am currently looking into buying a gaming computer for some serious action. Quad Core 2.4 Ghz, 2-3GB of RAM, and a 8800GTS card (omg Red Alert 3!!)

Should be good enough for crazy gaming all summer. I am going to make up for the last four years and hole myself in my room trying out all the latest FPSs, and probably throw a clot or something.

After finishing my last Japanese final, I realized there IS one thing I'd miss a lot. I kind of miss it already, and it's worrisome to think that if I don't keep these skills up, I'm going to lose my conversational ability. The Japanese teachers remembered birthdays, that I like rainy days, that I like curry*, etc. No other set of teachers on campus have gotten close to being that awesome or that personable. I will be visiting them if I visit austin.

There's a lot of glamour in learning Japanese, which may be a little misplaced since I found it relatively easy (much easier than Spanish). I know Indian people that took Hindi (lol) and Chinese people that took Chinese (lol).

Honestly, in most cases, you should know how to read your own language. I'm not going to preach and say that I can read Oriya perfectly, but I have gotten damn close (you can master reading it in a day).

I can partially understand Chinese people wanting to take Chinese (logographic writing systems are difficult to master), but reading Hindi is much much easier to master, so you're basically taking the class to learn vocabulary (since most people already know how to speak it in that class, i.e. grammar is covered), and you can learn vocabulary on your own.

So the whole quest to take Hindi to get A's makes you kind of a douche.


*: This one could have been a stereotype.

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