30 December 2009

Old and Busted --> New Hotness

I slept from 2am to 640am last night, had a 7am appointment at the dealership for maintenance (and a cleaning!). I don't trust their "inside-cleaning" job. Anyone recommend something for wiping down ( --> "new") leather seats? Does Armor-All work? I'll let you guys know.

Regardless, "New Hotness" is back.*

I learned a lot of things today.

1. Crop dusting. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=crop+dusting) Absolutely hilarious.

"i crop dusted my way down the aisle at the grocery store"

2. Anchovies are fish. Anchovies are fish. Anchovies are fish. I used to think they were some sort of vegetable, probably because they sound like "chives". Then I realized that Pizza Hut offers anchovies on their pizza and it blew my mind. They put fish on pizza!? (I know they do all sorts of crazy stuff in Japan, but this is here! In Plano!) Mind blowing.

3. An "A" package consists of oil change, tire rotations, and not much else. Comes out to be about $100 in parts (yeauz @ full synthetic!). The rest $120 is probably for "labor" and let's be real, pretty awesome service. I'm due for a "B" in 12 months. $440. (lol)

4. Roadside assistance from Mercedes Benz is better than AAA. I was told to cancel my membership. Comes with the cost of the vehicle, so, "free". No more worries driving to Houston about running out of gas! Probably not the best strategy, since I always see a burning cross in the distance when I'm on my way down.** Have you guys seen that movie No Country for Old Men? There's a 150 mile stretch from Dallas to Houston that feels like that.

Do I want to meet this guy on the road while waiting for gas for New Hotness? No thanks. What a creepy character. The pneumatic-make-holes-in-people's-faces thing was well played.

It'll be almost 2010 in a day. Here's to bright, sunny skies ahead.

"When you get sad, it always seems to rain"
                    "Lots of people get sad when it rains!"
"It rains because you're sad, baby"
                    "...It's not fair"
"Never is."

*: I have a feeling facebook doesn't preserve formatting when importing. See www.piotrrcola.com
**: sort of.

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