12 September 2006

Appreciation or Snorkeling?

I chose snorkeling for a strange reason. I've had a very long day today, so the post will be short, a longer one to come tomorrow. Anyway, I'm a little tired of hearing all these praising phrases over and over, especially since they mean nothing. Today, someone said "You're a good boy". Wtf. I'm 20 dammit.

Today, I tutored math for 3 hours straight. I still have NO idea how to do Riemann integrals. Since it's not going to show up anymore, that's a relief. After math I had a 1.5 hour long physics session, then I went to lab to conjure up some more failed gels. yay. Actually I keep forgetting what I'm going to ramble about.


kevin said...

I bet it was about laundry.

Anonymous said...

It's ok. I've got such a good boy... momma's little angel. Don't worry Dev, mommy's going to hide the bodies.