09 September 2006


9-10-06. It's been almost 5 years. (That period was originally an exclamation point.)

I don't see any security improvements, except that I can't take my beloved Dasani on the plane. That's about all I have to say. Nothing about the victims or anything, since enough will be said in the next day or so. That's the thing about 'tragedies'. Something happens, but then, 3-4 years later, everything stays the same.

One tragedy that really pissed me off (especially since nothing was done about it) was the
Phanta 'Jack' Phoummarath deal. And on that note, I'm terribly dissappointed with UTPD. I was stopped by UTPD 2 months ago for running a stop sign. After 2 minutes of police questioning, 4 other squad cars pulled up and it seemed like a drug bust outside Patterson.

Yet, they can't seem to catch the underage drinkers! Hey! I'll give you a hint.. try... FRATERNITIES... Every year, some kid has to die, because others are idiots. In fact, if you drink, and you're under 21, you're probably an idiot. What's your reason? Show off? Doing it so you can feel bad? Oh no! I took a sip of Bacardi, I'm BADASS. O SHIT.

In fact, if you're over 21 and you drink, you're probably an idiot as well. Unless you are addicted to it, then you're not an idiot now, you were one before. There's no reason to drink, just like there's no reason to smoke. All the drinkers complain- "Smoking is so nasty..." etc. etc. Well you're just replacing one drug with another. Congratulations, you're a hypocrite.

All complain and no solution is NO FUN, so here's a list of changes I see fit, and I can almost guarantee UT's drinking problem will decline dramatically. With the Patriot Act, I'm sure something can be worked out:
  1. Random, thorough searches of dorm rooms. Conducting 20-30 random searches on each FLOOR per year will keep pissant idiots from being well... more pissant.
  2. Heavily increase Friday night patrols; at least 4-5 searches of major parties each Friday.
  3. Perusing through Facebook/MySpace/[...] to find repeat offenders, profile, search and destroy.
  4. Amend state law to make it similar to drunk driving- 3 repeat offenses of either 1) dishing alcohol to minors or 2) consumption of alcohol as a minor will provoke a minimum 10 year sentence with all 10 years devoted to prison-community-service.
  5. Undercover agents. Yes. Please send me in. "Helped bust numerous parties, reduced underage drinking at UT" = Haavard <3
  6. Rewards for informing police, depending on how many offenders are caught.
  7. Fraternities that serve alcohol should have permits and those caught should be disbanded, assets seized, members' classes voided for that semester and all members be assigned to 300 hours of community service that semester. Those serving alcohol get the same along with that mark on their record- detailed above.
That's all I have for now, and that took 5 minutes. I'm sure UTPD can come up with more. Some of my more radical ideas have been to intercept alcohol shipments into Austin, inject them with trace amounts of paralyzing drugs, track the shipment and search everyone's ID card. That probably wouldn't fly so well.

The great thing is... we only need to put like 10-20 people on that 10 year sentence and people will sober up. Then I won't have to see random black people peeing on the sidewalk when entering Jester after 11pm.

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rob said...

so dude shit i go so throwed last night

i puked on my couch LOL i think i got aids

shit it was awesome, want to come next week