02 September 2006

At least ONE class over.


I still don't remember, but I thought of something else. This is somewhat of an extension on yesterday..

A lot of people defer to assigning epithets that include animals/objects. How many times have you used something like that to describe someone? I have to admit, this originally started as "How would I describe myself?", and I couldn't find a right entity/thing that serves an adequate description. The best I could come up with before I deemed it a selfish question was "Ninja" and "Hummingbird".

Both I'm sure you agree are interesting creatures. So how would you describe yourself?

Also, I do quite a bit of thinking in between classes. Another thing I think about is about all those periods in time where innovation slowed to a standstill (and I believe we're in one right now). Like the Dark Ages, and apparently, technology for viewing cells existed in the late 1500s (1590), but no dye, so nothing was very visible. Also, who ever invented that first compound microscope didn't think of a light source.

Why does the world go brain-dead every once in a while. I'm inclined to blame it on religious fundamentalism, and it's probably true on some level, but there must be a better place to put the blame. Maybe pakis? Well. That's an interesting beginning. Oh, I'm kidding. Don't go jihad on me (and prove me right).


You can always tell the seriousness of the class by what happens on the first day. Let's take a sampler:

  1. Cell Biology: Hand out syllabus (in color too! zomgz +30 for Sisson), spend 20 minutes talking about it, then raffle for two new textbooks. No instruction
  2. Classical Dynamics: Hand out syllabus, spend 5 minutes talking about it, jump into 1st, 2nd rank tensors, rotation matricies, "essential mathematical tools required for the rest of your life". Definite Instruction
  3. Japanese: Hand out syllabus, 紹介。(Introduction of oneself). Somewhat Instruction
  4. Tae-Kwon-Do: Warmup, then proceed to make sore every muscle in my body.
  5. Medical Imaging: Syllabus, Lecture (short)
So TKD is more serious than cell bio. Actually I forgot what I was going to ramble about.

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