07 September 2006


A long time ago, some excessively mean girl forced me to read a page of Bridget Jones' Diary. Many entries started (logically) with the date, then mentioned something about weight, giving a particular value.. Well, I'm going to do something similar, and start with what's important to me:

1 Year, 8 Months until I land in Narita for a 2-3 month (or 1 whole year) of vacationing.
Still a nub in most things. SIGHZ

That's right. I was in the shower today (which they finally fixed), and when I walked out, this eurobeat song was playing, and some guy yelled out 'TOKYO!' in the song. It was awesome. So that's going to be me when my plane lands. I've got it all figured out: Delta Airlines to LA, ANA to Narita.

The only problem is money, and I'm going to need about $20-30,000. There's only one way that will happen, and I have to work harder. Probably you guys all think I'm kidding, but I'm serious. I've had no fun lately, and it's all going to burst out in about 2 years. So awesome. I seriously can't wait.

I've been reminiscing unconsciously recently. I woke up today, and this phrase was stuck in my head- How Now Brown Cow?


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Stay on target...