28 September 2006


So today I got paired with Mr. Extreme testosterone in TKD. Actually, I came to realize that the only thing he can really put his unnatural muscles to use is by punching. He can't do the kicks! Jeez! After all that teeth-sharpening before class, the kicks are... sigh.

So here I am standing, bracing for impact, and all of a sudden, this WEAKSAUCE foot hits the pad. Whoa! I can kick better; rotate the torso and deal a life-threatening blow (I wish, but really, I can kick well now). Near the end of class, San Yoon says do 65 crunches, a number we've been increasing by 5 from 25 when the class started.

I started to think.. All those crunches (now around 130 a week) must have some effect. [looks down]. Yep. It's starting to take shape. Waist to Hip Ratio 0.7, here I come. Oh yeah. And we've only had 4 weeks of class... another 11 more, and I'll have some real kevlar down there.

Salsa is fun, but I'm not staying for swing again. I tried swing dance and the beat is weird, making me feel like a cowboy. (NAW, YEEHAW, GIT EM LASSOS, etc.)

Money money money. Apparently that's what the world is about. Well, I have yet another reason why people should stop investing so much money in sports and divert it to academic research- betterment of life!

I can't stand these idiots that squander away millions of dollars when it could have gone to producing the next generation CT system or MRI machine. How can you live with yourself? 50 years down the road, you're going to say "Damn it, I should have partioned money to research that could have detected my brain tumor 20 years ago which caused me to make all my stupid decisions in the first place".

Well I guess the cycle is unavoidable. If anyone that enjoys sports (and you know you're just feeding into the frenzy) gets a brain tumor 40 years from now, just think... it could have been avoided if you had just cancelled your Longhorn All Sports Package and given that money to a budding researcher. Many a proposals by me have been shot down because we lack funds to make our CT machines better. What about splitting the thick crystal layer into multiple ones, each with it's own scintillator? What about using solid state electronics instead of DIFFRACTION? (TOTALLY WEAK FOR 21st CENTURY KTHX)

SIGH. I'll probably get a brain tumor too, but I don't even enjoy sports.



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rob said...

spend money on research, says the guy that got a cadillac for prom