04 November 2006

An attempt

Orange: Elevated due to self-induced threats.

Attempts. Something I've been doing a lot of lately. Attempt to do this, attempt to do that. Completion is something that rarely comes about. By completion, I mean absolute completion. For the last 2-3 days, I've been attempting this MRI project for my BME class.

Yesterday after my MCAT class, I went straight to ECE and worked on that and the BME homework for 5 hours. When 12:30am rolled around, I was so bitter, so angry that it got to a point where my being in the lab was being counterproductive, so I just left. I would have to say last night was within top 10 of most difficult nights ever.

The last time I had such a difficult time period was about a year ago, when I had an Organic Chemistry (with Bocknack, not Iverson...) Final and PHY315 Final on the same day. What a difficult day that was! I almost exploded after the last final finished due to the large burden being lifted.

I won't digress from the main topic - an attempt. What's with my strange taste in music? (Puffy, Hikaru, Hamasaki, Eurobeat, Eurobeat, Eurobeat) If you haven't already noticed, I draw parallels to Star Trek from my life, so unless you've seen all or most of the episodes, you probably won't/can't understand everything. I will draw another one.

So most of my music choices are either 1) fast (Eurobeat) or 2) 11-year old music (Puffy). What is the purpose? Romulan warbirds rely on an artificial quantum singularity for power, Federation vessels rely on a matter-antimatter reaction core and inside myself, there's something spinning as well. We'll leave it at that, lest people call me crazier than I actually am. Simply put, eurobeat keeps the ____ spinning. It's like a tornado, no.. maelstrom. Draw strength from the chaos, something hippie like that.

Ok.. Weird. What about Puffy? I may seem to be frequently overstating my difficulties, but panic really does ensue. It's like I've been put infront of a firing squad and I'm supposed to take the shots as they come, without as much as a grimace. "Set an example!" as one of them them would say. Them = TPTB. So where am I to let loose? In the comfort & privacy of my molybdenum-tipped headphones. If you see me randomly chuckling to myself, especially if I have headphones on, you now know what's going on. Either that or I'm thinking about Walmart and their expansive jewelery section. Oh the sparkes!

I want to make a side note on that. Please don't buy external clothes from Walmart. External meaning anything that you would show up to class with and people can see, unless you have the overly homo-erotic habit of wearing short t-shirts and allowing people to see your boxers. In that case, don't talk to me, ever. People complain about the price, but seriously, the GAP has sales and if you're Asian/Mall-monkey enough to know that there's a cheap section in the back of the store, you know what to do. Btw, In this sense, clothes includes jewelery. How cruel I am.

Once I start rambling, I can't stop, so I'll continue.


Yesterday I had a Verbal MCAT Class. It was, in one word, awesome. What an entertaining teacher! Besides the continual (and a little pagan) references to a need for knee pads to give the AdComs fellatio, he was an effective teacher, although totally hippie in my eyes. A hippie with a purpose. Already, I can feel the cold drafts from Hell. How do I reason this? It's probably better to watch a video to demonstrate the analogy I conjured:



Same character, no? Yes I know I'm totally loser for picking that analogy. Find me at MELRC this afternoon.

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