29 November 2006

The storm looms.

It's that time of the year again - final exam time. Unfortunately, I have 2-3 major things to finish before my final exams even start so yeah huzzah at that.

Final exam time. Time to study. *Not*... play Racquetball, or Salsa, or Smallville or act like a damn hippie or anything of that sort. Work. You haven't been doing it all semester; I've been slacking off as well. It's time to start.

Martial Law* will mandated in a little bit.

I was thinking of something. People leave me voicemail and I'm like 'meh' because I hate voicemail, so I'll respond in around 2-5 hours after you leave it and definitely try to call you when you're sleeping - HEY - You're the one that left the voicemail. This is so I can force people to email me, which is often quicker.

Then I thought - all this forcing - probably wouldn't work in a relationship. For example, she'd leave me like 400 voicemails (such is the typical behavior of the homogametic half) and I'd continually ignore her voicemails because I'm stubborn like that. Then she'd get fed up (or ... perhaps enlightened?) and send me an email telling me she's "leaving" (fill in your own appropriate phrase of emotional departure).

Then I'd casually peruse over to Google Calendar, remove the rest of our meetings and go spend some quality time with the PCR machine. I might cough, symbolically, to rid myself of any emotional hinderances.

Cold? Who cares? I don't.

Enjoy another kickass Ted Rall cartoon:

*: If it seems harsh, be glad it's not sharia law.

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