16 November 2006


This was to be posted on last Thursday. Can't let it go to waste...

In the 10 minutes I have before HPC closes, I'll try to fill up some space and waste your time a little.

I had to go to a "distant" CVS to pick up some medicine and it's always interesting to see the things that exist outside campus. Of course, going there, I saw a certain WAVES TA and his whatever. I might get hurt if I say anything beyond this.

Coming back, a group of youngsters were dancing around for no reason to music outside the back of some store and then started walking. The music followed. Weird! They had a boombox which one of them was carrying around and solicited random passerbys to join their circus. Indeed. Engage avoidance subroutines.

Op. Lab is closing. I don't feel justified posting this so I'll add to it a bit later.

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