19 November 2006

Cruising speed.

This weekend has been absolutely useless on my part. I say that almost every weekend, but this one was (or is) especially useless.

Well then. Let's dive right into it.

Error-checking Mechanisms- What the hippies lack.

It is common knowledge that microbiology (shaped to near perfection) often serves as a tacit reminder of how we should order our lives and error checking mechanisms are paramount. This is precisely what the hippies lack (this and regret are the two main things). I'm almost certain, that a certain someone I know, has cauterized himself (as opposed to my clothes, which have been on fire these days from the orangy-red plumage) and his weekend in what seems like one of lust. While this is all very entertaining, I feel like not paying for their medicare later. So what is to be done?

I was kidding, hippies have regrets, they just don't have functional regrets. Then again, I know a couple of non-hippies that could use some functional regret. What do they think of when they awake every morning? I'll tell you what I think of- Yesterday, I was scheduled for a HFH event from 8am to 3pm. Doing large amounts of manual labor on Saturday morning isn't really anyone's thing (except for the few fanatics that show up there*) and I started hoping that somehow, it wouldn't work out. Of course! It's natural. The storm started to brew and I told myself it doesn't really matter what I think, unless I develop masochistic tendencies in the next 30 minutes.

That was just yesterday. Most days I wake up and think- I've only gotten 4-5 hours of sleep and I probably won't last through the day. Then I start making contingency plans on where to take short naps, etc. Except, I've kept up this schedule for so long, I don't really take naps in the afternoon anymore. Also, I give myself a measured dose of sleep, as if it was some sort of medicine. Right before I sleep I think- I need to wake up and not miss anything... set.. 5hours.. 30 minutes on my cell phone timer.

I digress. I then think "yes, life sux and I'm always alone and nobody understands me and I'm constantly surrounded by hippies and I don't deserve this but wait wtf why I'm I being emo I still have marketable skills" etc, when the Dream Machine goes off and Jap music starts playing and lalala- Let us prance our way to the shower while the Hamasaki/Eurobeat music begins to fade in and the worries fade out.

I then get out of the shower, take 2-3 seconds to feel the window for 1) temperature and 2) if it continues to cool my fingers. The first indication is obviously of how cold it is outside and the second measures wind activity outside the window (although it doesn't work so well for my room's window, unlike last year..)

Five seconds later, I have a power look planned**, usually dark clothing with anything bright neatly tucked away or covered by the _____ jacket. Adding constantly to the power effect is my glasses, which are totally kickass. People who meet me for the first time are always fixated on these variable-tint lens and (indirectly) my eyes. Now I just have to work on my power stare and the world belongs to me.

Well. Back to error-checking mechanisms.. They're essential. Don't wake up thinking _____. I actually have no f***ing clue what they think; I will do some investigative reporting later tonight. Wake up and correct yourself. Do something, ask for evaluation and fix it. View and review, read and reread. Perfection, like Evolution, is an ongoing process. Conditions change and nothing is ever absolutely perfect, except math, but math is for idealists (as if Physics isn't...).

*: What a horrible motivation.

**: The power look is very important.

You might be wondering, why my asterisk explanations are so short. This post has been censored and future posts will continue to be censored to prevent accidental harm, until it doesn't matter anymore.

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