21 March 2008

Damn Smallville

I stayed up last night to watch Smallville, so I went to sleep at 4am, which is fine since I usually run on 5 hours of sleep anyway, but I need an extra hour today.

So I went to life sciences library, put on four seasons and rested my eyes to let the harmony tickle my inner maelstrom, only to have some gruffly looking white dude snore loudly. I swear it sounded like small arms fire.

People kept passing by to make sure it wasn't me and then looking at me with the "wtf is he doing?" look. After about 15 minutes, I couldn't take it any more, so I was like "Hey... you're snoring kind of loudly".

He looked at me with glaring red eyes like I had said something about his mother and went back to sleep, only to start snoring again? I didn't pursue the matter. He looked like the kind that would openly attack me or something.

I really needed my vivaldi.

Also, I've had nothing but Wild Orange Tazo tea all day.


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