18 March 2008

The Mac Revolution [sic]

I cringe at that title. We just got a brand new 20" iMac in lab, which is an awesome toy, and the more I stared at it, the awesomer it got. 

I wanted one. She was calling to me. MMMmmmm...Leopard! What is it about this machine? I checked some specs... yes, my monitor at home is brighter (by 10 nits), and has the same resolution; my laptop is just as fast as Leopard hardware-wise, if not faster (XP is older). Yet she was still calling to me. Damn it, no. I won't become a convert. I already have 2 Apple products, and that should be enough. Hell, I already have OSX in my pocket. Bah. 

Damn that siren Steven Jobs and his beautiful computers. I indulged myself and played with it for 20 minutes. It felt great in the beginning, but the feeling faded really quickly. It was just pretty, not much more. I kept wondering how much of system resources went into maintaining the GUI. 

It then hit me. I got the same kinds of feelings as this dude. I am not nearly as cool to use OS X. I don't drive a Volkswagen or a Beetle or grow pot in my apartment. I drive a generic Japanese import and try to live off $1.50 a day for food. Lame-o-supremo. Even my description of myself sounds like a Taco Bell menu item. Jeez. I am wayy too lame for a Mac.

BUT, I like to get work done when I'm at my computer. I swear to god, I can tell if you're a Mac user. Whenever someone pulls out a Mac, it always starts with "Oh, I got this a couple of days/weeks/months ago", just to get the ball rolling on how awesome Macs are. Somewhere in the discussion, you'll find "stability" and "beauty" and how "everything comes installed". Shut the fuck up about it, please. 

Well, I guess most of you mac users out there can sit around and bask in the idea that your life will probably crash before your precious OS X will. Damn hippies! Go get me a sandwich, and try not to mess it up this time.*

I wonder what'll happen when they run out of big cat names. I mean, how do you beat LEOPARD? Even Lion is lame compared to LEOPARD. Leopard conjures up this image of English people sitting around correcting themselves - That's not a Jaguar, it's a Leopard! 

"Lion" reminds me of intemperate animals that escape from zoos and eat people. 

Maybe I'm bitter I don't have one. Nah, that's not it. I could easily buy one. 

*: Thanks a lot, JP's Java. How did you mess up a sandwich? 

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