09 March 2008

Plano's (Frisco's) Mall


Yeah. The people that made Stonebriar wanted its customers to feel so pretentious that they actually used centRE instead of center. See, that is unfitting in itself. Even CDC starts with "center". Anyway, an exercise bike was in need, so I was there, in Dick's Sporting Goods store (How is "centre" in accord with "Dick's"?), where I found this:

Man! That Asian guy is f***ing old! This picture cracked me up. "NO CHEST STRAP NEEDED"? How do you get an EKG without at least 6 leads?

He kind of reminds me of someone's dad. Guess what else I found?

Taken from:http://polishlinux.org/kde/kde-41-visual-changelog-rev-783000/?backup

Screenshots of KDE 4. Dare I say, it looks like... Vista? And the gui still sucks. Yes, there are merits to running Linux as a command line OS for efficiency purposes. But seriously? Give up already and quit ripping off Microsoft's (already overdone) Vista design.

Maybe one day these KDE enthusiasts will remove that huge baton from their buttocks and realize what they've been doing all along - "borrowing" from Windows and OS X and then complaining about it the entire time. Even then, it doesn't approach the aesthetic quality of OS X nor the functionality and adaptability of Windows.

Damn. Linux sucks.

Spring break. I have a big decision to make. LYFE-altering.

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