24 March 2008

Things I do

I tried something new. White people are always eating while in the bathtub (watch a few white people movies). Whether it's wine or cheese or crackers or whatever, they seem to enjoy it a lot. 

So I tried it.

Naturally, eating is difficult in the shower, so I took my cup of coffee inside with me, left it as close as I could to the shower and proceeded to bathe. Half way through my soap cycle*, I stuck my head out like a groundhog and took a sip of coffee. It was tre weird. Warm fluids on outside, warm fluids on inside. I'll probably never try that again. My caucasian experience is over. 

As for the bathtub thing, bathtubs are a waste of my time. Things are better separate. 

Also. I have to sub for TPR today. Last time I was lounging around in the break room while my kids were doing their passages, I got ripped on for dressing too casually. What, what? So I dressed up this morning. Nothing too fancy - dockers, polo shirt, sweater, etc.

Then in AsianLit I was badgered for being a corporate sellout during discussion of some Vietnamese story involving capitalism (c.f. "Neighbors" by Dao Strom), after which I realized I had not one, but two polo products on.

Yeah. Well, dockers != prostitution. Take that, viet sex workers. 

Dockers more like = kickass.

*: I bathe like I'm in a car wash. Rinse, soap up, rinse, detail work, shave, soap, rinse. lol. 

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Anonymous said...

Lol. maybe you should've drank wine instead of coffee? You're right, we should hang out. Facebook me!