05 December 2009

12d + After

What a bundle of win! Also, an appropriate time to post a few pictures:

Let's start with Chase's pictures of 12d.

If you missed it, well, fail.
Bitch, please. It was awesome.

The afterparty was fun too. "Bambou." lol. I wanted to leave a bit early (my calves were killing me* from the dancing), but I was reprimanded on how lame it would be if I left early. (1230 didn't seem early). I purposely didn't take my credit card.**

And then as usual, a few drunkards had to be taken home. :)

I woke up at noon, with the most intense jonesin' for a Vietnamese sandwich, evar, west of the Mississippi.***

So I made it happen.

It was glorious. Mmm, you can almost taste the awesomeness.

Then I went to the business center of my apartment, working, chatting, etc.

All of a sudden:


This is not the first time. I'm usually in a corner hidden from the entrance. So I clamored, and they let me out. It was either that, or throw a chair through the window and rappel down the north wall, NOC-style.

One day, in another life, maybe. (The NOC thing, not rappelling around the apartment complex, already done, kthx).

Plan for rest of the day. RHCP + do laundry. 

*: Not a +Homan's sign. I checked.
**: "Purposely", meaning I assigned some purpose to losing it in my apartment.
***: Respect, if you get this reference. Without Googling it.

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