21 August 2006

Another day of shadowing

Today, I saw one of the most obese patients ever. I swear, she must have been over 450lbs. People wonder why I eat so little... it's because of moments like these. I see these people, and I think- 'I'm going to skip my next meal...'

Another man had blue spots all over his body. I'm serious. Little blue indented (2-3 mm) dots. I later found out that he was a regular drug user. Interesting. I get to meet all kinds of people. Then I asked -"It's Monday.. why are we seeing so many patients in the middle of the day"

Of course, Dr. A grew up in Plano, so he knows the bubble community from whence I have emerged. "Growing up in Plano makes you oblivious to the rampant unemployment in other areas. Some people don't have to work, so they choose not to."

That's absolutely sickening. Why not strive for a better life? What do they think of when they see the future? Is it just a big grey slate? How do you live life with a grey slate? I'll tell you what I see in my future only if you knock some wood three times and ask me in private*.

The summer semester has taught me much, and I'm glad it's over in a very productive fashion. I'm going to go play with my $100 flashlight. Yes. I got it now, and you're about to get owned by the LUXEON LED 100 LUMEN 4 WATT AWESOMENESS.

*: I must see you knock before I answer. Crazy? Yes. Best safe than sorry.

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