31 August 2006

So Incredibly Disappointed.

I'm going to delay the AA Stewardess picture and (possibly) my schedule since there are more pressing matters.

It all started this morning at TKD. We need uniforms, and that's not surprising. Ok, cool. I started out around 1420 to go to the bus stop, and when it finally came, I realized I left my wallet in my room. So I went back, and the next bus I caught was at 1530 or so. 20 minutes later, I was at Lamar and Justin. Had to walk 0.4 miles to the uniform place. Oh and btw, today was OZONE DAY, so I didn't even need my wallet.

I show up and.. guess who's there? MY TKD INSTRUCTOR. So he teaches TKD, and then tells everyone to show up at his store to buy uniforms and some bogus book. All right, whatever. I've had my share of mooching as well (the Canada trip was all expenses paid w/o food...go airmiles, poo on AA).

Then he tells me that he doesn't accept credit cards. WTF. He says there's an ATM nearby in the shopping complex. I don't know why, but everyone assumes I have a car. I don't have a car. Period.

BUT My Washington Mutual Mastercard hasn't come in, so I don't have it. Also, I don't know how to use credit cards at ATMs. Great. Anyway, for some reason, I walk down about half a mile (shopping complex), and then up about half a mile (Shell Gas). Like I said, I forgot why. I want to say I was looking for a WAMU branch, but probably not.

Then I gave up, and I'm coming back on Monday. I started searching for a familiar bus route, and I found a #15. Whoo. It said Red River. Familiar. Kind of. I hop on, and it takes me alll the way around the route and soon (30 minutes later), I start getting fed up, and decided to get off at any familiar stop. It brought me all the way around (in a complete circle), passed the bus stop I got on (passed it in the opposite direction), and 2 minutes later, it was at Highland Mall.

2 minutes later. Highland Mall was 2 minutes from that Shell Gas station I was at earlier, I just didn't see it. Now it's getting ridiculous, and I'm laughing for no reason. There are going to be news reports of a crazy brown guy later today.

Highland Mall is familar, but the #7 Duval bus isn't there, so I got hungry and went to Jack in the Box. Just as I walk in, the #7 bus pulls the corner. No worries, it always waits about 15 minutes. I get my Oreo Ice Cream Business, and head to the stop to get on the bus. Then the bus driver is like NO. NO. NO ICE CREAM. Ok. Understandable. Then I opened my mouth to ask him when he was leaving, but before I said anything- NO I CANT ALLOW ICE CREAM HERE. Again. Wtf? So yeah, I got like a 3 minute brainfreeze eating 1/2 of a Jack in the Box Regular Oreo Ice Cream and then got on the bus to come back to campus.

I'm not going to assign blame and behave like a lower-class citizen (examples include "stupid f***" (referring to a police officer) and http://www.xanga.com/jason0h). The latter is particularly rofl, even though I'm going to light him on fire one of these days.

Here is a council-alleged list of infractions:
  • Failure carry a wallet at all times
  • Failure to realize it was OZONE DAY and sheepishly offering ID card.
  • Failure to carry sufficient cash
  • Failure to demand Mastercard from WAMU (it has been delayed 4-5 months)
  • Failure to see/realize Highland Mall from Shell Gas
  • Failure to control temptation, and waste 1/2 of a Jack in the Box Regular Oreo Ice Cream
  • Infliction of unnecessary and uncomfortable pain on brain
  • Failure of time management:
    • Excessive and pointless walking along Airport Blvd.
    • Not questioning what #15 actually means, nor whether it is a campus-bound bus
    • Not using idle time to read upcoming lecture notes instead of looking out windows at the lowers
    • (In Sum) 3 hours and $2.70 totally wasted, for no reason
To make up for those three hours, I'll go to bed 30 minutes late, and wake up at the usual time.



rob said...

ive only read the first sentence or two of this post, and i predict that i will lol

rob said...

ok i loled, it happens