29 August 2006

Moved in and Class tomorrow.

Well, more like, I'm partially moved in. I'm missing a pillow, a comforter (nights get cold these days...), and my DVD case. The rest is more/less unnecessary.

GTT was today, and Mr. Brown, the leader of the savage pack, was making some speech while I was walking by. Temptation to shine 4 watt awesomeness in his face as I walked by was killing me. oof.

Also, the rain gods listened to my prayers, and it started to rain, only to stop 20 minutes later, so GTT resumed. Damn it. The problem with rain around here is that it's too little, just enough to piss me off. After it rains, this horrible stench rises from the pavement, probably be cause the rain was too weak to wash away the filth, but enough to let it soak into the humidity and ruin my day. But I like rain, so I'll take anything.

So it was nice to get on a plane in such short notice and go to Canada. Haven't been on a plane in a while, so it's nice, except that it was AA, so the flight could have been better. Of course, it's not the fact that they don't even give a bag of pretzels, nor the glares I get at my Dasani, nor the cramped seats, nor the passengers that forget people sit behind them, and recline their seat back just for the hell of it that was most irritating.

For me, it's safe to say that traveling on American Airlines was shitty before 9/11 and got worse after 9/11. The flight attendants! Look. I'm sitting in a cramped seat next to some random brown dude (Toronto...wtf) who snored the entire time. Don't give me that "my job sucks" look when you give me my tomato juice. Smile, lose some weight, and widen those eyes.

I have no idea where AA gets these horrible bimbos to do the job. In fact, I'm going to be petty and list a bunch of associations I plan to boycott when I grow up (which.. is going slowly).
  • AA
  • Boeing
  • GM/Ford/Domestic manufacturers
  • AOL (I won't talk to you if you still use AOL in 15 years.)
  • UT System (for their constant rate hikes and I didn't get a free tshirt today)
Actually its mostly just car manufactuers and airlines. So sue me.

Couple of days ago I read this interesting article about flights and how they cool the ground during the day and warm it during the night (?- Yeah that's what I thought too). Don't worry- it's woefully short.

Name: "Hot Trails"
Info: Scientific American, Sep2006, Vol. 295 Issue 3, p28, 3/4p, 1c

Somehow, Google Scholar didn't work. First time it's failed on me. A class schedule and picture of a typical flight attendant comes tomorrow.

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