06 August 2006

Twice in a month.

This is the second time someone has cut me off this month. The first time, someone sped into my lane, and I had to brake pretty hardly. The second time.. about a couple of hours ago.. I had to go from 40mph to 0 in 10 feet. I think it was the hardest braking episode I've ever done.

This town blows. And the hippies piss me off. Jeez. My leg is still shaking from that moment. Plano is so much better. So what if they're all Republican. It's probably better to live in a city full of Republicans than get rammed into every other corner here.

And all these hippies are just Democratic to be different; they probably have no idea what stem cells are.
I've taken up reading the Molecular Biology textbook again, after printing some more color pages out at ME lab. haha. Mooch. Yes. Also, probably a documentary or so every day. Come join the fun.

Posting has been scant because internet has been scant.

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