23 August 2006

High off ELO / TV = poison

UPDATE: New Blog design. Comments please.

I've pretty much been listening to ELO all day, and watching Nip/Tuck, which is so awesome. Guys, TV is my new poison. I didn't realize how much good stuff is on TV. I finally understand why people are so hooked to TV.

So addictive! I've gone through 2 seasons of Nip/Tuck in less than three days, which is a new record for me, although not for everyone.

This is a bad thing, since I'm very easily amused. I would give Nip/Tuck and Grey's Anatomy and Southpark a minimum of 9/10. Everyone else who watches those episodes can easily see the cliched moments approaching, but somehow I can't. ("How the hell did you know that was going to happen?") This is the inherent nature of my easily-amused-ness. I can't predict things happening. Oh the sweet poison.

I was waiting in the North Dallas Bank today (running chauffeur duty + administrative duties), and I was so incredibly bored. There was ONE newspaper section on the center table, and it was (of all sections) the SPORTS section of the DMN. It was incredibly boring. The only redeeming thing about it was the Fry's ad on the last page, which I've memorized after staring at it for so long.

Pop music today is so... Horrible. So depraved and incorrigible. Listening to the older songs are much better- ELO (although they are British), Bobby Darin, The Turtles, etc. I really like how people back then actually appreciated technology. I suppose it's because technological revolution was just starting, and life was getting better. Now, we all take it for granted, failing to realize the reliability of what we've indulged ourselves in. When's the last time your refridgerator stopped working? When's the last time the power went out? And for how long?

After Sputnik was launched, legislation was passed to increase funding for science and technology, but those forward looking times have seriously faded with political administrations bending to radically dangerous forces like the church.

I can understand the flawed image that the Middle East holds, but other countries are legitimately losing respect for the American administration. The military should be moved out of tactical/offensive missions, and moved to peacekeeping (in conjunction with the UN), relief aid, and Bolton should be fired (there's no point in keeping someone who doesn't try to further legitimize the UN). Funding should be increased for science/technology (taking Britain's example) instead of spending money on useless projects (see http://www.heritage.org/Research/Budget/wm889.cfm). More oversight is needed.


This is what the US Military should concentrate on, probably a more appropriate way to project power.
Frankly, I think this country is getting to large to manage; it's not long before corruption starts to take a toll on the public, similar to India and China. The EU has set a good example; smaller countries in a cooperative relationship make more sense.

Well, I'm not a shaker or a mover, so I'll just watch.


My Inklings said...

may i please have ELO since im back in denton now?

also i have 85% chance of coming to austin on the 9th.

You have been warned!

My Inklings said...

may i please have some ELO since i'm back in denton now?

also i have an 85% chance of coming to auston on the 9th.

u have been warned!!