09 August 2006

End of Apartment Business

Since I'm about to move out of the apartment on Monday, I have to clean up, and this means eating all the food I've been stockpiling for the last 2 months. As a result, I've come up with interesting combinations.

I just threw together some pasta, marinara sauce, corn, chili powder, and olive oil, just to see what it would taste like, and also to start finishing up on my food. Not too bad actually (one must be careful when eating corn). Even if it did taste bad, the taste (along with everything else i.e. life) would get drowned out when I started watching some dramas/Korean movies. Another ingredient that must be finished: milk.

Later today, I will probably have oatmeal, and then again tomorrow morning, just to start finishing off the milk. Oh and there's cereal too. Free breakfast to anyone that shows up. Also, if anyone has any more ideas on how to combine pasta, marinara sauce, and corn, please post them.

Another thing that must happen is cleaning of the room/bathtub. Cleaning the room is pretty easy- throw everything into 2-3 suitcases and vacuum. Cleaning the bathtub looks to be troublesome. Perhaps I can invite some of my lower Asian friends over to help. I'm going to have big problems when I actually move out of college (and dorms) since I can't live by myself very healthily. Oh well. I have 2 years to clean up my act and/or acquire a butler.

I got out of CVS today and I noticed a very distinctive smell in the air. It's said that smell is the most nostalgic, and only one word came to mind with this smell: Calcutta. O Shitz. yes. Instantly, the hippie biker that passed me by was held suspect of trying to steal my wallet. Damn that city.

Finals (or finaL) are coming up. Here's the schedule for Monday, pretty much set in stone.

9-12pm: Japanese 412L Final.
12-6pm: Cleanup, straighten things out, eat the rest of the food (seriously).
7pm: Departure to Plano. This makes me very happy. Yay. Plano. Bubble. Hippie-less. Can avoid anyone at will.

Again, I'm taking 2 hooligans, but I have room for 2 more, probably lots of trunk space too.

$20 a pop.

Normally, I would be sad Japanese is ending (usually I'm sad that classes are ending, since I tend to like the ones I take), but this overwhelming feeling of awesomeness in anticipation of return to Plano kills the sadness. But I bet you, in one week, I'll start missing it.

Strangely enough, I don't miss Physics so much. Probably because it tries to own me all the time, so I'm in hiding.

Wa, uhala po, meme. Rofl.

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