11 January 2007


The other day, I decided to take Greyhound to get to Austin. Greyhound works like this - you buy an online 'reference' number and get your actual ticket at the station. Sounds fair? It is.

I showed up 15 minutes early to get my ticket and there were 20 people in line and only one teller in front of me, so I just.. missed my bus and had to take the 8pm one instead of the 6:15pm one.

In the meanwhile, I decided to bring out my laptop and read something, since the only thing else to do was to watch Glenn Beck impersonate Alan Greenspan. You know, it's the most uncomfortable feeling ever, trying to use a laptop in that environment.

I kept getting stares from people. Finally, I put that thing away and just sat there. Then I noticed this overweight black woman tell her 4 year old to get something, so he runs to his bag (which is.. 10 feet away - I don't know why) and pulls out this box of Tampax pearls and runs back. In plain sight, she takes one out, gives the boy back the box and uses her assisted-walking device to go to the bathroom.

Enough! Out comes the T60; I'm better off reading Physics.

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