05 January 2007


Today I was feeling weird. Most of the time, I'm all right. Unwavering, mentally strong*, direct, blunt at times and overall I take a vested interest in your life (or whoever's).

In fact, most of the time, I'll have an answer, or at least direct you to an answer. Sometimes people are down and I usually don't know what the hell to say, so I say something about balance, which is something I personally believe in.

I'd say (and this completely makes sense from my empirical standpoint) that just as lower order things like mass/energy are balanced, it is not completely inconcievable that higher order things sport some kind of balance as well.

In most cases, this is directly visible. Do something bad, and something bad happens to you. Of course, everyone I know will summon "Karma" when something bad happens to them, or at least agree if someone mentions it. But Karma is usually never brought up when discussing virtue. So start believing in it wholly and I know most of you don't (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Abraham_Dharma.png), so most of you need to shut the f*** up about it.

I digress. The ubiquitous Law of Action should (and does) apply everywhere, but humans are weak and unfortunately, I happen to be one. Every once in a while, my unwavering belief in balance fades, and despair sets in.

Oh but doesn't everyone have their down moments? Bulls**t. Stop culling excuses. Shouldn't one try to be better. So what kind of despair are we talking about? Coursework? Not really. Career? A little. [Everything - Career]? Yeah, pretty much. Need more meat? Talk to me and I'll give you an analogy (or 2.. or 3..).

This despair is different. This time, things will change. I'm wading through 25-40 pages each night just to make sure of it! Let's see what happens. I used to worry that TPTB (pretty much anyone that controls any aspect of my life) would be "tipped off" to the maelstrom that brews within, but I'm sure either 1) they know or 2) don't care, so I'm hoping to make 2007 full of posts with more details.**

By now you're wondering- What does Elegance have to do with above? Nothing. The intended post starts here. Out of despair I started taking it out on my car, which is a V6 so the engine is hard to break, but anyway, I've been pulling 0-40 in 4 seconds all day today and it felt awesome. Then I started thinking- I need more power. The first thing I thought was..airplanes are.. freaking.. awesome.

YES. Solid Rocket Boosters have more power. YES, all man-made space-crafts travel much faster than your commercial airliner, but there's nothing appealing about a bug:
Look at that thing! So ugly with its antenna sticking out. Let's find something better..
Nah.. There's.. something wrong with this. It's probably (definitely) because the manufacturer name starts with "B" and ends in "oeing". How about...YES. This certainly tickles my fancy.*** The A340-600. What an elegant looking airliner. Sorry Boeing, you tried well with the 777, and it was good, but unfortunately it's too fat, just like most of your employees. Maybe that's the reason....

I've always had this dream to... pilot a take off sequence for an aircraft. Max out that throttle and scream down that runway.

But anyway, airplanes in general are.. so.. so.. well designed. So elegant. Man conquers the skies. What a great idea. I always find myself on Wikipedia reading about airplanes. I found this article fascinating (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider). I urge you to read it, it's not the usually geeky material I like to read.

*: Usually about everything except the future.
**: Censorship rules will probably still apply.
***: Phrases like this should not be used often.

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